CookieDB is the world's most developer friendly database platform

import { CookieDB } from "";

// Initialize instance
const cookieDB = new CookieDB(

// Create a table with a schema
await cookieDB.createTable("users", {
  name: "string",
  description: "nullable string",
  age: "number",

// Insert document
const cookieFanKey = await cookieDB.insert("users", {
  name: "cookie_fan",
  description: null,
  age: 20,

Built with serverless in mind

Serverless microservices have a place in modern architecture. CookieDB embraces this by replacing a tcp pool with a built-in high performance http endpoint.

Built with pricing in mind

Storing and processing data should not be as expensive as it is. The CookieDB team works tirelessly to bring down the price of hosting, for the benefit of everyone!

Built with DX in mind

Even though the API is amazing to use, you don't have to deal with handling the complex networking yourself. The CookieDB team maintains drivers for every major language.

Built with open source in mind

Both the CLI and all language drivers are fully open source. Never get stuck by a bug that could be easily solved in the source ever again!

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